Smug Messenger App Invite Friends

Do you spend most of the time of the day in chatting with your friends? The answer must be yes, because that is the latest trend with this generation. However, what matters is the method that you use for staying connected to your friends. The pre-historic message service users and the super smart phone users can both hold their breath on, because a new star has been launched by AppRedeem namely the Smug Messenger.

Smug Messenger App

This app is designed exclusively for the iPad, iPod, iPhone and all other Apple Operating Systems and tablets, as well as the Android operating systems. However, what makes it different from the rest of the existing message services, especially the WatsApp message service is that this does not require a phone number to register itself. AppRedeem performs through internet and wi-fi system. So if your device does not offer the phoning facility, you do not have to hide it from your friends anymore, flaunt this app and explore the wide range of messaging facility.

Are you thinking why you should shift to AppRedeem from your WatsApp message service, just because it can perform without a sim-card? Then hold on a second. There are reasons why you should do so. After a very careful survey and analysis, the CEO of AppRedeem, Sheffield Nolan had come up with this realisation that their AppTrailers did not become a “normal behaviour” or a part of regular habit. The only app that is used on a wide scale is the email app or messaging app.

Smug Messenger App Photo Editing

Smug, therefore, offers a wide array of features including the exclusive photo editing option known as photo morphing and also photo doodling. The usual text message sending, video sharing and photo sharing options are also common features. Of course the users can also access the group chat feature and the voice chat feature with a single tap option. The image morphing is an amazing feature that can be manipulated by simple fingure gestures. What is unlike most other competitive message service is that the activities can be accessed even when the user is offline or the internet or wi-fi is turned off.

But, this is not the end. Definitely all these features do not make it unique or able to compel the users to switch to Smug Messenger from their habit of using WatsApp message service. AppRedeem understands that convincing the users to switch to a new app can be troublesome, and this has been proved as very helpful for the users. To popularize this app, the users play a very important role. They are encouraged to invite all the other users in their contact lists, who can possibly use this app. Why would they do so? The users will be highly benefited when they invite other users to use this app. With every new invitation they will get points in exchange.

If you are thinking what can be done with these points, then you have to listen carefully. These points can be redeemed in three different ways. For the Apple Android users, the points can be exchanged with bitcoins, but not with the other Apple users, or these points can also be exchanged with PayPal gift cards or Amazon gift cards. But, they have to make it sure that those invited friends download Smug on their devices and sign up to Smug Messenger. Then only the points will be credited to their accounts.If the users are using this app just for the reward scheme, then they would be sad to hear that the app is designed with scammer spotting system which can easily distinguish the fake users who are not using the app, but simply going on inviting others to earn points. Thus, the system takes care of the fact that the users do not spam the other users by sending repeated invitations.
Invite Friends in Smug Messenger App

Inviting the friends to use this Smug Messenger app is very easy. This can be done by using the phone numbers of the friends, the emails of those on your contact list or through your address book. You simply have to integrate it. Although there is a bug in this app that sometimes crashes the app while searching for the large address books, AppRedeem believes that this problem will be solved soon.

With so many features available in this app, if you are thinking that this app is a very expensive one, then you can be sure that it is and will always be free.

Until now the music streaming industry used to provide streaming services at a monthly rental and the mobile users were forced to pay a rental if they wished to stream select music to their device. 

Free streaming service was exclusively available to PC`s running Microsoft windows or Apple Mac OSX. ITunes available for Apple enthusiasts, supported by iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iPod, PC/Mac. For TV show rental is 0.99$ while for movies it starts at 2.99$. then there is Vudu, for videophile which boasts of highest quality videos of any streaming service is supported by Android, Roku, play station 3, iPad, PC/Mac. The rentals are $2 for 2 days on select titles. Other titles start at $4.99 for HD content, $5.99 for HDX. The service usually lasts for 24 hours. 
Shuffle Music Randomly and Get Yourself A New Music Experience

There are other service providers as well.  These are the various kinds of streaming services covering music and other features. But the scene of streaming service has changed, especially in the case of music.

Free Streaming Services Availability on Android andIos Smart Phones

The Current Scenario of Music Streaming

  • ·        Spotify the Swedish based company has upgraded the iOS and android apps of Google. Due to this update the users of tablet and smartphone can now enjoy free access to music with the help of the company`s latest launched feature and that is `shuffle play` feature
  • ·    The `shuffle play `feature allows users hooked to this feature, listen to not only their play list but also to playlists of their friends. Through this the users can also listen to the catalog of their favourite artist. But the songs can be played only arbitrarily.
  • ·         If you want to enjoy the songs as per your choice then you have to upgrade yourself to the premium service, which means you will have to pay for what you hear. If not you can also enjoy to end number of songs in random mode.
  • ·         But the android and iOS tablet users can stream on demand music like they do on their desktop only if they could bear with a few ads in between. This is the only hitch present.
  • ·         It is effective measures taken by spotify to provide the users with a kind of experience in free music that is going to happen for the first time in the history of smartphone.
  • ·         Legendary rock band Led Zeppelin`s music will also be available for streaming to the users.
Free Music Streaming, A Way to Attract Customers

As competition in the sector of streaming music is pretty tough it is difficult to battle it out for the headphones of prospective customers. If we talk about free radio-style streaming then it is available for quite some time now. But on-demand access was a chargeable service. But making on demand access to songs with only one ad a few songs are undoubtedly a luring bet. By including free tablet and shuffle streaming in a goodie bag a company is sure to attract new users and convert them into paying customers.

The Berlin IFA Technology Fair each year brings pleasant surprises for gadget lovers and this year the news of the appearance of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is hovering through the air, somehow like following up last year’s release of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and previously the original Galaxy. Well, there are only rumors that I am going to discuss here with you. Galaxy Note 3 is not all the new thing that’s going to happen in the trade fair, there will be the spectacular Smart watch by Samsung. 
What’s New in Samsung’s Stylish Smart watch?

Now do not blame me for raising your expectations if they are not fulfilled, as I, myself, is keeping my fingers crossed. I should remind you, it’s not altogether made up news, Samsung’s Vice President Lee Young Hee confirmed the making of a smart watch by the company but no other information was leaked from them. The watch is being built using the same technology that conceived the Samsung tablet. The Sony Smart watch has already hit the market two years back, now this one is going to give that a smart competition.

Features of the Watch

A South Korean news site was quick enough to bring information about the yet-to-release watch’s fascinating features. It is expected to have a wrap around flexible and bendable screen with a small control panel with keys attached and also having a removable strap. The operating keys will be just the same as the Android Galaxy handset. 

What’s New in Samsung’s Stylish Smart watch?

This is a phone cum wrist watch from which you can even make a call or receive one simply by tapping the keys. However, this is not all the watch can do. It’s a mini computer which access internet, send mails and store information. So, what did you get from this? A watch is not simply a device showing time in hours, minutes and seconds, it’s actually the watch version of a smart phone or a smart phone turned smart watch. Hearing all these, you may be desperate to have a look of the new and stylish smart watch. There are plenty of the images published in the internet. Just search for them and get carried away by its sensational appearance. It has a killing look combining style and elegance. The company has decided to name this beautiful watch as the Galaxy Gear.

What’s more?

Samsung Galaxy Gear’s Gorgeous Release in Berlin Trade Fair

Some people are saying that Galaxy Gear can be synced with Galaxy Smartphone but nothing is confirmed on this. The removable strap that Samsung provides with the smart watch will come in different colors and buyers can choose and change as they wish. With a personalized touch on the screen of the smart watch you can contact a person or view messages, all with the touch of your fingers. When it’s dark, the edge illuminating technology is going to make it visible all along.

The Smart watch Market

Smart watch or the wearable digital electronic device is something that attracted the big brands always. Sony worked on it and released their watch years ago and Apple still would not confirm their experiments with iWatch but finally, we are going to have a glimpse of Samsung’s Galaxy Gear very soon. 

Samsung Smart watch Features

Samsung ventured a smart watch with SPH WP10 in 1999 but it was not that popular but they optimistic with Galaxy Gear. It will cost much less than the previous highly expensive one and thus affordable. What device can be more suitable for keeping all personal information at hand?