The Temptation
As soon as the Smartphone had set its foot into the garden of electronic gadgets, it exerted its spell on the conscious and intelligent part of human brain. The phone-like device with computer-like features easily spread from hand to hand within a wink of eye becoming not only part of our daily lives but also an extension of our selves.  

Smartphone is the gadget-e-fiction of multi-tasking inducing a smarter way of living our life. Besides being a feature phone Smartphone possess advanced computing ability and super fast browser connectivity. With its compact digital camera we can take mind-blowing pictures and instantly share it in social networking sites, we can check emails even while struck in traffic. 

So, Smartphone taught us that to remain connected with our social surrounding all day is not a tough thing anymore. This micro-pcs let you connect and share and do many more wherever you go.  

Most impressively Smartphone introduced us to the World of App and now you can get Apps for almost anything and everything and thus shift a part of your work of memorizing (if it is burdensome to you!) to e-devices.  In this way gradually and stealthily Smartphone with their all-solution-at-palm Apps and technologies have crept into our world.  They have made us so helplessly dependent that we will be at a loss if one fine morning we wake up to find our Smartphone got vanished. 

The Transformation (from real to virtual)

There was once a time when people boasted of having telephone with round-shaped dial boxes in their houses. When the phone used to rang children jostled among themselves who would pick up the phone! The journey from Telephone to Smartphone is a long way though. And in this post-computer age children are born with foreknowledge of e-gadgets.

There was once a time when people used to meet in clubs, parks or in pubs or in gatherings for social interaction and sharing of thoughts and ideas with friends and families. Now they do everything with just a Midas touch. We carve a sur-real (the word ‘sur’ in GK means ‘beyond’) social space (online) that seems more relish, more actual. 

People unable to reveal their mind in a real social ambience very easily communicate in the world of virtual reality considering it to be a utopian space free from social gaze. And gradually you construct a virtual self parallely existing with its real counterpart, in most of the cases both selves are as different from each other as the firmament is from the ground. And now in many occasions the virtual dominates the real. Smartphone with its all-in-one features acted as a catalyst in completing our existence as virtual. Therefore, a world without Smartphone will push us towards an existential crisis.

The Addiction

We are in a new age where knowing about weather forecast or getting updated world news do not depend on arrival of newspapers or telecasting of news shows.  We wake up with checking the day’s schedule on the touch screen of our Smartphone and start working accordingly. Imagining a world without Smartphone is more horrifying than a ghostly nightmare causing cold perspiration and irking sensation in our throat. So, what should we call ourselves? May be a Cyborg is the apt answer.