The Berlin IFA Technology Fair each year brings pleasant surprises for gadget lovers and this year the news of the appearance of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is hovering through the air, somehow like following up last year’s release of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and previously the original Galaxy. Well, there are only rumors that I am going to discuss here with you. Galaxy Note 3 is not all the new thing that’s going to happen in the trade fair, there will be the spectacular Smart watch by Samsung. 
What’s New in Samsung’s Stylish Smart watch?

Now do not blame me for raising your expectations if they are not fulfilled, as I, myself, is keeping my fingers crossed. I should remind you, it’s not altogether made up news, Samsung’s Vice President Lee Young Hee confirmed the making of a smart watch by the company but no other information was leaked from them. The watch is being built using the same technology that conceived the Samsung tablet. The Sony Smart watch has already hit the market two years back, now this one is going to give that a smart competition.

Features of the Watch

A South Korean news site was quick enough to bring information about the yet-to-release watch’s fascinating features. It is expected to have a wrap around flexible and bendable screen with a small control panel with keys attached and also having a removable strap. The operating keys will be just the same as the Android Galaxy handset. 

What’s New in Samsung’s Stylish Smart watch?

This is a phone cum wrist watch from which you can even make a call or receive one simply by tapping the keys. However, this is not all the watch can do. It’s a mini computer which access internet, send mails and store information. So, what did you get from this? A watch is not simply a device showing time in hours, minutes and seconds, it’s actually the watch version of a smart phone or a smart phone turned smart watch. Hearing all these, you may be desperate to have a look of the new and stylish smart watch. There are plenty of the images published in the internet. Just search for them and get carried away by its sensational appearance. It has a killing look combining style and elegance. The company has decided to name this beautiful watch as the Galaxy Gear.

What’s more?

Samsung Galaxy Gear’s Gorgeous Release in Berlin Trade Fair

Some people are saying that Galaxy Gear can be synced with Galaxy Smartphone but nothing is confirmed on this. The removable strap that Samsung provides with the smart watch will come in different colors and buyers can choose and change as they wish. With a personalized touch on the screen of the smart watch you can contact a person or view messages, all with the touch of your fingers. When it’s dark, the edge illuminating technology is going to make it visible all along.

The Smart watch Market

Smart watch or the wearable digital electronic device is something that attracted the big brands always. Sony worked on it and released their watch years ago and Apple still would not confirm their experiments with iWatch but finally, we are going to have a glimpse of Samsung’s Galaxy Gear very soon. 

Samsung Smart watch Features

Samsung ventured a smart watch with SPH WP10 in 1999 but it was not that popular but they optimistic with Galaxy Gear. It will cost much less than the previous highly expensive one and thus affordable. What device can be more suitable for keeping all personal information at hand? 

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