Until now the music streaming industry used to provide streaming services at a monthly rental and the mobile users were forced to pay a rental if they wished to stream select music to their device. 

Free streaming service was exclusively available to PC`s running Microsoft windows or Apple Mac OSX. ITunes available for Apple enthusiasts, supported by iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iPod, PC/Mac. For TV show rental is 0.99$ while for movies it starts at 2.99$. then there is Vudu, for videophile which boasts of highest quality videos of any streaming service is supported by Android, Roku, play station 3, iPad, PC/Mac. The rentals are $2 for 2 days on select titles. Other titles start at $4.99 for HD content, $5.99 for HDX. The service usually lasts for 24 hours. 
Shuffle Music Randomly and Get Yourself A New Music Experience

There are other service providers as well.  These are the various kinds of streaming services covering music and other features. But the scene of streaming service has changed, especially in the case of music.

Free Streaming Services Availability on Android andIos Smart Phones

The Current Scenario of Music Streaming

  • ·        Spotify the Swedish based company has upgraded the iOS and android apps of Google. Due to this update the users of tablet and smartphone can now enjoy free access to music with the help of the company`s latest launched feature and that is `shuffle play` feature
  • ·    The `shuffle play `feature allows users hooked to this feature, listen to not only their play list but also to playlists of their friends. Through this the users can also listen to the catalog of their favourite artist. But the songs can be played only arbitrarily.
  • ·         If you want to enjoy the songs as per your choice then you have to upgrade yourself to the premium service, which means you will have to pay for what you hear. If not you can also enjoy to end number of songs in random mode.
  • ·         But the android and iOS tablet users can stream on demand music like they do on their desktop only if they could bear with a few ads in between. This is the only hitch present.
  • ·         It is effective measures taken by spotify to provide the users with a kind of experience in free music that is going to happen for the first time in the history of smartphone.
  • ·         Legendary rock band Led Zeppelin`s music will also be available for streaming to the users.
Free Music Streaming, A Way to Attract Customers

As competition in the sector of streaming music is pretty tough it is difficult to battle it out for the headphones of prospective customers. If we talk about free radio-style streaming then it is available for quite some time now. But on-demand access was a chargeable service. But making on demand access to songs with only one ad a few songs are undoubtedly a luring bet. By including free tablet and shuffle streaming in a goodie bag a company is sure to attract new users and convert them into paying customers.