Smug Messenger App Invite Friends

Do you spend most of the time of the day in chatting with your friends? The answer must be yes, because that is the latest trend with this generation. However, what matters is the method that you use for staying connected to your friends. The pre-historic message service users and the super smart phone users can both hold their breath on, because a new star has been launched by AppRedeem namely the Smug Messenger.

Smug Messenger App

This app is designed exclusively for the iPad, iPod, iPhone and all other Apple Operating Systems and tablets, as well as the Android operating systems. However, what makes it different from the rest of the existing message services, especially the WatsApp message service is that this does not require a phone number to register itself. AppRedeem performs through internet and wi-fi system. So if your device does not offer the phoning facility, you do not have to hide it from your friends anymore, flaunt this app and explore the wide range of messaging facility.

Are you thinking why you should shift to AppRedeem from your WatsApp message service, just because it can perform without a sim-card? Then hold on a second. There are reasons why you should do so. After a very careful survey and analysis, the CEO of AppRedeem, Sheffield Nolan had come up with this realisation that their AppTrailers did not become a “normal behaviour” or a part of regular habit. The only app that is used on a wide scale is the email app or messaging app.

Smug Messenger App Photo Editing

Smug, therefore, offers a wide array of features including the exclusive photo editing option known as photo morphing and also photo doodling. The usual text message sending, video sharing and photo sharing options are also common features. Of course the users can also access the group chat feature and the voice chat feature with a single tap option. The image morphing is an amazing feature that can be manipulated by simple fingure gestures. What is unlike most other competitive message service is that the activities can be accessed even when the user is offline or the internet or wi-fi is turned off.

But, this is not the end. Definitely all these features do not make it unique or able to compel the users to switch to Smug Messenger from their habit of using WatsApp message service. AppRedeem understands that convincing the users to switch to a new app can be troublesome, and this has been proved as very helpful for the users. To popularize this app, the users play a very important role. They are encouraged to invite all the other users in their contact lists, who can possibly use this app. Why would they do so? The users will be highly benefited when they invite other users to use this app. With every new invitation they will get points in exchange.

If you are thinking what can be done with these points, then you have to listen carefully. These points can be redeemed in three different ways. For the Apple Android users, the points can be exchanged with bitcoins, but not with the other Apple users, or these points can also be exchanged with PayPal gift cards or Amazon gift cards. But, they have to make it sure that those invited friends download Smug on their devices and sign up to Smug Messenger. Then only the points will be credited to their accounts.If the users are using this app just for the reward scheme, then they would be sad to hear that the app is designed with scammer spotting system which can easily distinguish the fake users who are not using the app, but simply going on inviting others to earn points. Thus, the system takes care of the fact that the users do not spam the other users by sending repeated invitations.
Invite Friends in Smug Messenger App

Inviting the friends to use this Smug Messenger app is very easy. This can be done by using the phone numbers of the friends, the emails of those on your contact list or through your address book. You simply have to integrate it. Although there is a bug in this app that sometimes crashes the app while searching for the large address books, AppRedeem believes that this problem will be solved soon.

With so many features available in this app, if you are thinking that this app is a very expensive one, then you can be sure that it is and will always be free.